What happens in our groups?

longstoneAll our groups are facilitated by two volunteers (see the groups page).  We welcome anyone who identifies as a mum.

For our daytime groups, babies and children are very welcomed and there are toys and tea, coffee and biscuits provided. In our online evening group, we ask that only babies that are needing mum, for whatever reason, come to the group (there are of course exceptions so please make contact with the relevant group if you need to).  We ask that Dads and other family or friends don’t come to the group, to enable it to stay a safe space.

The groups have a flexible friendly format. When there is a new mum, we always give a short introduction so you know who the others in the group are.  For some mums, coming to the group for the first time is hard enough, so there is never any pressure to say anything, although we often find mums are desperate to let someone else know what’s happening with them and that’s OK.  Some mums might cry in the first few weeks they come, and that’s quite normal – others don’t.  Don’t let that put you off coming – we always have a large supply of tissues.  We chat about how our weeks have been, things that have been good or not.  We often discuss issues with our sleep, baby feeding, our relationships, our body changes, going back to work, our new identity as a mum, and may more. We regularly discuss how we have got better – medication, counselling and other therapies including very much how we keep ourselves well.  Sometimes we discuss our births.  There is never a set subject and that’s what many mums benefit from as there is always time made available to get support for whatever is feeling big at that time. Our volunteers are there to listen, empathise and validate. Sometimes they may also signpost you to other services who can help.

longstone 3Some mums will come along to our groups regularly, others will come along as and when needed.

You don’t need to be referred and we don’t have a waiting list – you can come at any time and dip in and out as you need to. We only ask that you email us 24hrs in advance, to let us know that you are coming. Email address is: Juno.enquiries@gmail.com

If you are worried at all about coming to our groups, our volunteers can meet up with you beforehand or at another mutually convenient time.

We ask that a small donation is made each week to cover our costs.  If you can’t afford this, then please still come along as we are here to support any mum.